The Renowned, Mrs. Francine Scott, and a Celebration of her Retirement!

September 2019

Staff Spotligt, CISGG, retired, Francine Scott

Francine Scott, former site coordinator, Dudley High School, BA, Sociology, and English; Masters, Sociology, Indiana University. Certified teacher, English, and sociology, Mrs. Scott is a legend in the arena of keeping kids in school. For over 21 years, she has worked with Dudley High School and CIS to provide an enormous range of services and resources to students and families. Mrs. Scott distinguished herself as one of the first certified CIS site coordinators in the country. Before joining GCS and CIS, Mrs. Scott's background included service in Economic Development with the Chamber of Commerce in Chicago Ill.

What did you like about your role as a CISGG Site Coordinator?

“I loved working with students and exposing them to opportunities in the community that enhanced their overall exposure. I enjoyed bringing the community into the school, letting students know what cool opportunities were available to them. What was important to me was the ability to enhance students and enrich their lives; I enjoyed having the opportunity to do that outside of the schools (like on field trips) and inside the schools. I would specifically focus on addressing: what’s preventing the student from doing his/her best? How can we take advantage of what's going on inside the school to help the student improve his/herself, enrich his/herself, develop his/herself, and overcome any challenges?”

What would you do differently if you could do it all over again?

“I would want to make sure that any entities that affected children inside the school setting had a strong collaboration with CISGG. For example, strengthening collaboration between Administration, Support Programs, and CISGG Site Coordinators. Furthermore, I would focus on collaborating in a more deliberate way. I would make sure to address the needs of the school, the students, and the teachers. I would also want to focus on the needs of the school so that the school could better address the needs of the students that we were working with."

What are your plans for the future, especially as a CIS Board Member?

“I would love to use the board to enhance local operations. I would like to keep the board informed of the school’s needs so that we can enhance the services that CIS provides to the school and the students we serve at the schools. I would like to determine how the board can be more involved with the schools at the local level. Are there opportunities for tutoring a student afterschool? Are there opportunities that schools will ask ‘Can CISGG do this?’ The more the board knows about our schools’ local operations, the better it will be able to support our schools’ students. Moreover, the more supportive we can be, the more we can increase the overall sentiment the school’s have about CIS’ brand."

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