Mentor Spotlight!

November 2022

Stephanie Mardis, Mentor, relationship

Stephanie Mardis!

What is are some of your roles and responsibilities as a mentor with CIS?

Being a CIS mentor is a life-long commitment. I see myself as extended family as opposed to a typical “mentor”. I also have a great relationship with my mentee’s mother. We are truly family and “tag team” to provide as much love and support as we can for my mentee. I don’t focuse solely on academics with my mentee. I focus on exposing him to diverse experiences and simply having fun time. I create a safe place to allow my mentee to have open and honest conversation with me. He knows that my love and support are unconditional, whether his doing well or not.

Stephanie Mardis, Mentor, relationship

Why did you want to mentor with CIS?

In all honesty, I was extremely hesitant in becoming a mentor (especially with the African American Male Initiative). I thought that being a single mom, I would not have a lot to offer African American male youth - as a mentor. It was only by the unwavering support of Mr. Hubert Jones, did he convince me that I had a place as a mentor with the African American Male Initiative.

How do you think your mentee has benefitted?

I think my mentee has had the privilege of having a front row seat of seeing a different side of law enforcement. With my position as a Commanding Officer over the Criminal Investigations Division, he has had the opportunity to get to know men and women in uniform on a personal level. In addition to this exposure, he has had another cheerleader in his corner to celebrate his successes and provide support for him during his transitions in life (elementary, middle, and high school).

Stephanie Mardis, Mentor, relationship

What have been the biggest benefits of the relationship for you and your family?

Coming into this program, I assumed that my mentee would be the biggest beneficiary of this program. This notion could not have been further from the truth. Because I am a single mother of one son, Malachi has blessed and enhanced my family more than I could ever have blessed and enhanced his. Malachi is the brother my son has always wanted. Malachi and Jackson are so much alike, they were born on the exact same day and year. Malachi has enriched our lives so much so, my immediate family has also adopted him as their own. I affectionately refer to Malachi as my Godson.

Stephanie Mardis, Mentor, relationship

What are some of your goals and aspirations as a mentor with CIS?

My primary goal is to encourage everyone suitable, to consider a role as a mentor. The impact on the lives of all involved is something you cannot quantify in words. I also look forward to being a presence in Malachi’s life, long after grade school. I would love to be able to witness my son and Malachi grow into young men who will maintain their friendship and brotherhood, while they impact the world in a phenomenal way.

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