Mentor Spotlight!

November 2022

Alecia Walker, Mentor, relationship

Alecia Walker!

Alecia Walker became a mentor with the AAMI program because of her employer, Syngenta, urging employees to seek volunteer opportunities in the community. After contacting Rashard Jones, project director, she was assigned a student who had a twin brother. Alecia asked to be assigned both brothers. Since the age of seven, she has had the privilege of seeing both mentees evolve and develop skills that will ensure success as opportunities present themselves. Through AAMI, Alecia became a strong supporter of CIS Greensboro. Now serving on the Board of Directors, Alecia recognizes the work that CIS does beyond the classroom to surround students with a community of support. Alecia truly admires the work that CIS does and is honored to contribute her time, talent, and resources.

Alecia Walker, Mentor, relationship

Why did you want to mentor with AAMI/CIS?

I’ve always had a passion for making life better. The AAMI program seemed to be the place of which I could be the most impactful.

What is/are some of your roles and responsibilities as a mentor with CIS?

As a mentor – I am charged with being consistent, showing up, regular time commitment (be it school visitations or activities outside of the home), communicate. I supported the mentees having a voice and would involve them in decision making – through sound reasoning.

Alecia Walker, Mentor, relationship

What have been the biggest benefits of the relationship for you and your family?

Some of the benefits to me have been helping my mentees see beyond their now. Gaining their trust was most vital before introducing them to others. Having the mentees interact with my family and friends hopefully showed acceptance regardless of means.

What are some of your goals and aspirations as a mentor with CIS?

My primary goal will always be to expose the student to opportunities beyond current conditions. It is my desire that all who’s path I’m fortunate to pass recognize their abilities and pursue passions responsibly.
As a mentor, my greatest hope is that through my genuine care and guidance, the children are encouraged to evolve into their best selves and live successful lives deemed through their eyesight.

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